The meeting between masons and two MP bishops: the Metropolitan's denial

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We posted on November 15th  a news taken from the newspaper AO ZENYTE; this newspaper belongs to the Grand Orient Masonic lodge of Brazilia. The article announced a meeting between Metropolitan Hilarion, head of ROCOR and Platon of Argentina and South America with Jafé Torres, Grand Master of the aforementioned lodge. We were highly surprised by this information. However, we decided to make it public, thinking it was true for the following reason. First, the photo that did not seem to be fake (and it is not), and secondly, the fact that Jafé Torres is a respected person in Brazil. A brief googling of his name indicates he is honorary citizen of Brazilia, meets many civil and military authorities etc. We still had some doubts and sent on November 16th, an email to the Masonic lodge to have more details. Until now, we’ve received to answer.


However, an answer was received from Metropolitan Hilarion from a person who wrote him. Here it is:



De: Archbishop Hilarion Kapral [mailto:abphilar@...]
Envoyé : vendredi 20 novembre 2009 4:20
À : ****
Cc : ****
Objet : Re: Meeting with masons

Dear Vladimir,

I was very amazed to learn that I had attended a Masonic meeting. Such a
thing has never happened.

What in actual fact occurred is being totally distorted. During the visit ofthe delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church to South America with thechoir of the Sretensky Monastery some two years ago, the delegation wasinvited by the ambassador of the Russian Federation to a reception at the embassy. Many different dignatories were also invited to attend.

While Metropolitan Platon and I were standing at the reception, two distinguished-looking gentlemen came up to us and asked if they could be photographed with us. We said, why not? We did not ask who they were. Itturned out that they are high-ranking Masons of Brazil. That is the extentof our involvement with Masons.

The enemies of the Russian Orthodox Church are very quick to pick up on such
an unexpeced and innocent encounter to defame and slander the Church and its

For the record: I am not a Mason and have nothing to do with Masonry. It is
impossible for a Christian to be a Mason at the same time as Masonry is a
religion of its own.

In Christ our Saviour,
+ Metropolitan Hilarion


We have here two different and opposite versions of a same fact.  Metropolitan Hilarion's one may seems  more credible since the lodge keeps on not replying our enquiries. However, some points remain very weird as emphasized on many American fora. Since our first title was really sensationnalist talking about frienship about masons and the bishops, we decided to change it and are asking forgiveness to the bishops due to its exaggerated content.




email sent on November 16th  to the Masonic lodge


To :


Dear Sir, Dear Madam,


I am writing you from France regarding the number 6 of your newspaper AO ZENYTE that I downloaded on your website : 


I was very interested by the article at pages 4 and 5 dealing with the meeting between two orthodox bishops and the Grand Master of your organization. These two bishops seem to be Hilarion Kapral and Platon Oduvenko. Do you confirm my impression?

I would like to have further indications about this meeting. When did it take place? Where? Did you invite the orthodox bishops to explain them what is the masonery? I would like to receive other photos and videos of the meeting if they exist. Indeed, I run a small orthodox blog blog ( ). Some people did not believe me when I published this information due to the reserve of orthodox people toward free masonery.


I also ask if you would allow me to display your answer for the readers of my blog.

Faithfully yours,


*** ***


Ps: I do not speak or write Brasilian but I can read it. So you can answer in Brazilian if you wish or even in French or English.

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