Meeting between free masons and 2 Moscow Patriarchate metropolitans

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Dear reader, this article is the translation of the new we posted yesterday evening in French and that is available here.

This new is quite old; however we've just learnt it through another forum. In November 2008, in Brazil a meeting gathered two high ranking free masons -Jafé Torres, Great Master of the Great Orient Lodge and Izalci Lucas- with two bishops of the Moscow Patriarchate : Metropolitant Hilarion (Kapral), current head of ROCOR and Metropoliton Platon of Argentina and Southern America.

This information is availaible in the newspaper AO ZENYTE published by the masonic lodge

and more exactly in the number 6 that you can download directly on the masonic website here.

I invite you to pay attention to pages 4 and 5. The newspaper does not indicate the date but it may be November 2008 when both bishops were in Latin America.

We can see here the cover page, and in the botton left corner, in Portuguese : Encontro Igreja Orthodoxa Rusa e Maçoneria (pages 4 and 5), which means «Meeting Russian Orthodox church and Masonery  ». 

Source : here

Indeed, in page 5, we find this pic with the persons we mentionned previously.

Source : here.

Le great master, Jafé Torres is the gentleman at the right on the photo. He is easily recognisable on the following pic, wearing his mason uniform. You can find other photos of him on the on the masonic website here.

Source : here.

We also recognise metropolitan Hilarion; here is his photo from the ROCOR site.

The other bishop is Platon (Udovenko) of Argentina and South America, métropolitan  of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The article has two parts. The first one explains why this meeting took place : to end myths about masonery and explain masonery aims at freedom, equality, peace and a better world and that it is ready to work with religious institutions for such goals. After that, the article describes the history of the Russian church.

Such a meeting is really surprising because ROCOR to which Metropolion Hilarion belongs and that he rules condemned free masonery. Masonery is under an anathema that is read for the Triumph of Orthodoxy. We do not doubt that this information (that remained strangely unnoticed) will raise many reactions.

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